Sunday, June 28, 2020

Introduction to VMware Tanzu Kubernetes grid


            What is VMware tanzu Kubernetes grid? 

    It provides a consistent, upstream compatible implementation of Kubernetes, that is tested and  supported by VMware. VMware tanzu Kubernetes grid allows organizations to run Kubernetes with consistently and make it available to developers as a utility. It provides services such as networking, authentication, ingress control and logging that a production Kubernetes environment requires.


Components of TKG

1.     Bootstrap environment: - 
                    The bootstrap environment any physical or virtual server on which you download and run the tanzu Kubernetes grid CLI. This is where the initial bootstrapping of a management cluster occurs, before it pushed into platform where it will run.

2.     TKG management cluster: - 
                    The management cluster will be the first element that need to be deployed when you create a tanzu Kubernetes grid instance. The management cluster is a Kubernetes cluster that performs the role of the primary management and operational center of the tanzu Kubernetes grid instance. You can either leverage the TKG cli or web interface to deploy a tkg management cluster.

3.     Tanzu Kubernetes cluster: -
                    These are the clusters deployed from management cluster by using the tanzu Kubernetes grid cli. You can have multiple clusters running different versions of Kubernetes, depending on the needs of the application they run. By default tanzu Kubernetes clusters implement calico for pod to pod networking


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